The past few weeks have been uncertain and scary. In our industry, essential personnel are out there working to keep us connected, which is both worrying and inspiring.

In spite of this reality, our worries and concerns haven’t dampened the hope and optimism for the robust recovery of telecom.

Our guest this week is Brett Chester, VP of Marketing for Sitetracker. On March 25, the company published its Telecom Infrastructure Provider Outlook.

The report is based on survey responses from the industry, pre-COVID-19. And it includes updated information from after the outbreak. Both data sets yielded some interesting—and sometimes counterintuitive or contradictory—results.

In this episode, Brett shares some of the surprising findings about growth, margins, project accuracy, hiring, competition, efficiency and meetings.

Brett also talks about the industry response to COVID-19, the risks, and the positive outlook most companies are sharing.

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