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When you pull your cell phone out and make a phone call, you probably aren’t thinking about how your call is being made. You probably aren’t thinking about how the microchip inside your phone is translating your voice into numbers, and then using the tiny, yet incredibly powerful antenna inside your phone to beam those numbers through radio waves to a cell tower base station, which then routes this voice data to the cell phone of the person you are calling. When you take the time to consider this process, and all of the technology, moving parts, and service technicians that come together to make that phone call possible, it’s a pretty incredible feat.

But we almost never consider this, because we have become so used to relying on consistent cell service and the ability to make phone calls, that we never think of how, and more importantly, who is making this incredible technological process possible. There are a number of different service people and groups putting in the hours and the effort to make cell service a reliable staple in our daily lives, and RMC Contracting is just one of those dedicated groups. We service a variety of telecommunication towers from a number of providers, and our team is dedicated to making this service available and efficient for all. In addition to tower inspections, steel mapping, 24/7 rapid response repairs, and preventive maintenance, we are also proud to provide efficient antenna and line installation services for your tower. Keep reading to learn more!

Antenna Installation Services

For a lot of the tall tower structures that are used for transmissions and cellular communications, the most important transmitting and receiving equipment is on the very top, which makes sense, as at 300 feet, there are a lot less obstructions for the radio wave transmissions to encounter. This important equipment usually includes transmitter and receiver transceivers, a GPS receiver, digital signal processors, a power source, and of course, the antennas. The purpose of the antenna is to provide an interface between the radio waves that are transmitting and receiving, and the electric currents that are moving in the metal conductors, an essential role in the functioning of all radio equipment.

But who wants to climb up a 300 foot tower and try to install, repair, or replace that antenna, regardless of weather or time of day? That’s where the technician teams at RMC Contracting come in. Our experienced tower technicians are equipped and ready to install your tower antenna safely and efficiently. Each technician is highly trained in the careful handling of your electronic equipment and materials, and are happy to apply their extensive knowledge and skills to the installation task at hand. And each technician team is led by an experienced RF technician leader, who has extensive training in handling sensitive RF issues and unexpected mechanical situations with all carriers. For all of your tower antenna installation, repair, and maintenance needs, the service teams from RMC Contracting are here to serve you.

Line Installation with RMC Contracting

The RMC Contracting technician team specializes in installing and repairing a variety of different tower mechanisms and equipment, including antenna and tower lines. Our tower technicians have extensive experience climbing these towers and applying their skillset to all of the relevant mechanical components, including your tower’s lines, at 300 feet in the air and above. All of our tower technicians and team leaders are incredibly knowledgeable regarding coax and fiber specifications for all the major manufacturers, meaning that regardless of carrier or tower components, our technician team can provide the effective tower line and antenna installation services you are looking for.

We can also install both the tower lines, and antennas in a package contract deal, so you get the best value for our incredible services, services that we have proudly been providing to towers from all of the major carriers, all over the United States. Part of the expected quality that RMC Contracting has been providing over the last half-decade is our attention to detail and the efficiency with which we complete every contract. With the quality of our service, your tower system will operate at its maximum capacity.

RMC Contracting Antenna and Line Installation

At RMC Contracting, we are proud to have a culture of care and support. Our teams are not just hastily assembled to complete a contract — each technician is trained and experienced in providing the service that your tower needs to operate at peak efficiency and safety, whether that’s an antenna and line installation package, 24/7 rapid response and disaster recovery services, or just some preventive maintenance that you schedule a few times a year. No matter the weather or the time, RMC Contracting is dedicated to providing the quality tower service that providers need. Give us a call today and see how we can start serving you.


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