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In this modern age of engineering and construction, information and data is becoming more and more relevant and critical for meeting and maintaining industry performance standards. In fact, the 21st century is considered by some as the “age of information,” and while that label might stem more from the larger issue of big companies collecting consumer information, the significance and the application of that data have become a critical staple in a variety of industries and businesses.

The telecommunications industry and the field of tower engineering is no different, and this use of data and information has become just as critical of a step in construction and maintenance process as getting the materials themselves. Whether it’s having the right specifications for a certain part, being able to apply usage statistics to maximize efficiency, or even just keeping up-to-date on the structural integrity of your tower, the effective usage of data regarding your communication tower is invaluable to efficient operation and maintenance. RMC Contracting is very well aware of the important role that data plays, which is why in addition to all of the incredible tower maintenance and repair services we offer, we are also proud to offer a variety of tower mapping and inspection services. Keep reading to learn more about this service, and how RMC Contracting can support your tower and company.

Telecommunication Tower Inspections

Like any usage of data, the most important aspect is the preparation and strategy it provides. Whether it’s learning of a structural issue from an inspection right before a big storm is about to hit, or understanding that a certain part is causing your tower to lose efficiency, the more information and relevant data you can get about your tower and the way it functions, the better you can operate your tower and the service it provides. RMC Contracting provides a few important information collecting services that can maximize the operation and efficiency of your telecommunications tower, as well as mitigate the damage that any potential issues could cause.

One of these services is our tower inspection services. We offer a few different levels of tower inspections, depending on the depth of operational information and structural data requested. At the initial level, we offer several different types of tower inspections, to provide the relevant level of preventive service and information. This includes annual maintenance inspections, steel data, and post-storm integrity assessments. When we inspect a tower, our general inspection covers a wide range of tower mechanics and functions, including:

  • Antenna inventory
  • Coax inventory
  • Tower height
  • Lighting system
  • Paint and exterior condition
  • Overall tower condition 

For any tower owner or operator, this type of information and data regarding your tower is critical for any sort of future planning or reliable maintenance schedule. You won’t be able to understand what your tower needs to operate at peak functionality until you understand what is working well, what isn’t, and how you can fix it. Like any good insurance plan, a tower inspection from RMC Contracting will limit the worry you have about any potential issues in your tower system, because you will be aware of the issue before it becomes a damaging problem.

Tower Mapping Services with RMC Contracting

In addition to the general-level tower inspection service we offer, we also offer more rigourous and in-depth inspection that involves tower mapping for your telecommunication tower. Like any form of inspection, tower mapping provides a lot of important information and data that can give you a strong knowledge basis for any sort of future service that your tower might require, as well as expedite any future maintenance and improve the functioning of your tower.

When the technician team from RMC Contracting maps out your tower, this involves comprehensive documentation of data regarding the integrity and condition of the steel components, which can be used for later engineering structural analysis. Like most information about your tower that we can provide, this tower mapping data might not be something that seems immediately useful. But for any required maintenance or repair that our experienced technician team might do in the future — or just for the future stability of your tower’s operation— data about your tower’s specs is invaluable for saving time, as well as providing accurate data that will lead to the most effective repairs and maintenance.

RMC Contracting Tower Inspections and Mapping

RMC Contracting is proud to provide the most supportive and helpful service we possibly can to our customers. Whether that’s through, efficient repairs and emergency maintenance services, or preventative tower inspections and steel data mapping, our dedicated team of professional tower technicians are here to provide whatever service you need to better run your telecommunications tower. Contact RMC Contracting today and see how we can start serving you and your company.


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