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RMC Contracting LLC

Specialized Services:

Tiger Team / Rapid Response.  Sweep, Fiber & PIM Teams.  Tower Repairs / Modifications.  24/7 Disaster Recovery

Tower Modification

Tower load analysis, Tower Mapping.  Tower modifications Tower structural upgrades System Decommissions

Line And Antenna

Antenna system testing & troubleshooting Preventative maintenance Antenna adjustments for optimum Performance Microwave installation Microwave path alignment Commissioning & integration Decommission

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Safety First

Before you take a single step off the ground, every tower climber needs to think carefully: are you trained? Because without training in being a tower climber, it can be incredibly dangerous to do this job. Just like any career with a high amount of peril, without the right courses and education you could really hurt yourself, or allow other people to be hurt. That is not what you want, and that is why you will need to take some training courses to become a certified tower climber.

Tower Safety Radio Frequency Awareness

Tower Safety Radio Frequency (RF) Awareness, or RF Safety Awareness training, RF Awareness, course is conducted by knowledgeable, technical instructors capable of responding to questions regarding Radio Frequency Health and Safety issues. All of our courses meet or exceed all requirements to be OSHA compliant. We’re committed to RF Awareness safety training. Reasons for RF Awareness training: Some Carriers and Turf contractors will not permit your crews on site OSHA requires a comprehensive RF program FCC requires training on a communication site This RF Awareness course also meets the RF safety training requirements for major carriers and contracting organizations. This is a highly sought after certification course; we encourage you to read more about this information to learn more.
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