The modern era we are living in is full of innovative and fantastical inventions that form the larger sophisticated and interconnected society we are a part of. Things like the internet, self-driving cars, and space exploration are just a few examples of feats and features that existed in our imaginations only a few decades ago, that now interconnect us all. One of the most important aspects of this interconnectedness is the power of the devices in all of our pockets, and the widespread access to power. Cellphones are more akin to supercomputers nowadays, and combined with widespread access and electrical power, give us the ability to instantly communicate with anyone and everyone all over the world.

But we almost never really consider how incredible that ability is, or the innovation and effort that is required to maintain it. The electrical and telecommunications towers that populate our landscape and instantaneously beam power and information over thousands of miles need dedicated and experienced professionals to help service, maintain, and repair them. And that’s where RMC Contracting comes in. We have a variety of telecommunications tower service teams that have decades of combined experience working on cell towers and telecommunications towers all over the U.S., as well as providing wireless and electrical contracting services nationwide. Check out our services overview page, and see which of our service teams can offer what you need.

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For something as massive and integral as a telecommunications tower or electrical tower, the level of expertise and professional service required is just as important as the speed and efficiency with which service can be completed. RMC Contracting has a number of different service teams that specialize in a variety of services and structures, as well as teams that are trained for emergency responses and disaster relief. Keep reading to learn a bit more about why RMC Contracting is one of the most effective and trusted contractors in the business.

Consistent Efficiency and Professionalism

RMC Contracting has been able to provide an incredibly high-level of service and professionalism to our clients over the years, mainly due to our incredible employees. We don’t outsource our work to other contractors, and our employees have to consistently recertify their service skills. When you hire RMC Contracting, you know you are getting an incredible high level of reliability and professionalism. And with a diverse number of services to offer, RMC will have the specialized team for your specific needs, to get the job done faster and better.

A Diversity of Services

At RMC, we offer a variety of different contracting services within the larger realm of electrical and telecommunications construction and repair, and the diversity of the services we offer makes us a “one-stop shop” for any telecommunications or electrical tower servicing. We offer general tower service and repair, tower mapping and inspection, antenna and line installation, civil and electrical division services, disaster response, and emergency response services. No matter the issue or the service required, our team at RMC Contracting has the skills and experience required to do it.

Emergency and Disaster Response

One of the more critical aspects of the contracting and construction services we offer at RMC is our Tiger Team Rapid Response, and our Hurricane/Disaster services. Both of these services offer the same professional and reliable service that we are known for, but with a greater need and urgency. Our Tiger Team offers a 24/7 rapid response for telecommunications emergencies, when a repair or service simply can’t wait. Our Hurricane & Disaster Recovery service has plenty of experience in working in tough weather conditions, and are ready to serve when the need for power and cell service is critical after a disaster or hurricane.

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