As the world has grown and expanded, so too has the need for cell towers and telecommunications structures. These massive towers keep our country and the world in constant contact, but they can’t operate perfectly without some dedicated help. That is why RMC Contracting LLC was established in 2014 as a wireless construction and telecommunications service contractor based in Florida. We realized how valuable these telecommunication services were, and how critical of a role it is to maintain, service, and repair their ability to perform that role. And now we have developed into a nationwide wireless and electrical contractor, providing high-quality repair and service to towers and structures all over the country.

Because of this dedication to the greater good of people nationwide, we have a different way of doing things here at RMC, a way that sets us apart from our similar-sized competitors. A large portion of the work we do is completed by current RMC employees rather than a crew that was hastily assembled from outside sources after we were awarded a contract. We value our employees and the professional service they provide for every contract, which is why we provide such effective benefits for them too. We do have a network of quality subcontractors that we incorporate into our project teams as well when the volume is more than our current staff can support, but our staff can support quite a lot.

RMC Contracting has experienced steady growth in terms of revenue and employees from the beginning as a result of dedication to providing a quality product to our customers and solid financial operating principles. This has afforded us opportunities to expand into other markets and sectors so that our revenue sources are diversified and more consistent. We have remote offices and crews strategically located so that we are available to work on projects throughout the U.S. and overseas, providing quality telecommunications service and maintenance to any and all who need it.

RMC is a professional organization that has a proven track record of providing a quality service to our customers by taking the approach, that in order for us to be successful, our customer must also be successful. This has helped us maintain long-standing relationships with many customers over the years, and built up a trust that allows us to perform our job so well. And we don’t plan on stopping that trust and high-quality service anytime soon. Contact us today and see how RMC Contracting can provide for you, whether it is a fulfilling and incredible career, or high-quality telecommunications service that will improve the lives of millions. Call now!