Remaining in constant contact with those around the world is more important now than ever before. And thanks to RMC Contracting LLC, it’s easier than ever before. In 2014, RMC Contracting LLC was established in Florida as a wireless construction and telecommunications service contractor. Since then, we’ve worked hard to make sure you and everyone else remains connected to the world at large. 

After all, what’s the point of living in the modern era if the comfortable, reliable, and modern conveniences we know and love aren’t easily accessible?

The RMC Contracting Difference

Above all else, we care about the profound beauty and impressive innovation that comes through the telecommunications industry. Because of our passion for the industry, we operate a little differently than other telecommunications contractors.

The work we complete is all done by current RMC employees. That means that when you invest in our services, you aren’t getting a hodge podge group of individuals who claim to be experienced workmen, you get the real deal. Our dedication to consistent high-quality work is part of the reason that we’ve managed to maintain steady growth throughout the years. Through that dedication and diligence, we’ve managed to spread our wings and enter into other areas of the industry so we can help people in other ways. Now, we can work on projects throughout the U.S. and even overseas to ensure a solid network of interconnectivity.

Learn more about our expansive list of services.

Tiger Team Rapid Response

As a nationwide telecommunications contractor, Tiger Team Rapid Response is likely one of our most impressive service offerings. Our team is a rapid response team made up of highly experienced individuals who can react quickly in the case of telecommunications emergencies. Whenever emergency services are needed, this is the top-notch team of individuals we send in to save the day.

You may ask “when is there ever a telecommunications emergency?” They’re actually a fair amount of emergencies that occur across the United States and beyond. When a communications tower goes down, panic ensues. The modern world is highly reliant on cell phones and interconnectivity to be able to do their day-to-day business transactions, communicate and make deals, and so much more. Instantaneous communication abilities are regularly taken completely for granted. When that tower stops functioning, there are grave consequences. Sometimes it’s just a single cell tower that goes down; however, that’s equivalent to all the people on that side of town no longer having cell access.

It can get even more serious when one of the key communications towers used by government agencies in times of uncertainty goes down. Repairing a cell tower is never as simple as you’d think it is either. When an emergency happens, you’ll need the rapid response team to get in there and fix it in as little time as possible. The team currently consists of experienced telecommunications professionals who specialize in towers and line/antenna repairs and installation. They’re the fastest, easiest way to bring everything back online in a timely manner. Our technicians are available 24/7 for all emergency issues all over and can provide timely and consistent tower maintenance and repair at the drop of a hat. Some of the basic emergency services and tests they run while on-site include:
  • System-wide RF sweeping inspections
  • RF testing, troubleshooting, and repair
  • Microwave installation, alignment, and testing
  • GPS antenna alignments
  • PIM testing and reporting for all frequencies Fiber optic cable testing
  • And more

Hurricane & Disaster Recovery

The conveniences of the modern day rest firmly in the hands of our expansive infrastructure. From the roads and highways to the telephone wire and other telecommunications towers that hold our society together and keep it strong and functioning. However, Mother Nature in her fury has the power to take all of that apart at the seams. In a time when most people are scurrying for safety and trying to stay up-to-date on the news, the means of offering that information to them could slowly fall out from under an entire city. Without a way to connect and communicate, people are rendered more helpless than ever before, and all in the wake of a natural disaster. That’s how lives are lost, but with the help of RMC Contracting, such a telecommuting tragedy might not need to occur.
Once a disaster has occurred, you can reach out to the highly skilled individuals at RMC Contracting. We specialize in providing emergency maintenance and repair to telecommunications infrastructure like towers and more so that you can start communicating with the people you need to. Since RMC Contracting is based in Florida, we’re more than a little familiar with the ravages Mother Nature is capable of and that helps us prepare more sufficiently to keep you and your citizens safe. Post repair could include anything from minor technical repairs to full structural repairs that need to be completed sooner, rather than later. We’re very familiar with any range of telecommunications tower damages. We can handle technical issues with ease, but we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. Our primary objective is to repair your telecommunications infrastructure as soon as possible. Thus, if we need to start lifting fallen trees, remove debris blocking access to the tower, or start working on reforming the structure of the tower, we can do it quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. Our disaster specialties expand beyond just tower repair and maintenance too because, in the event of a natural disaster, you’ll likely need more support than that. Our experienced team can help with disaster recovery in a variety of ways including:
  • Road & tree clearing
  • Generator deployments
  • L&A repairs
  • COW deployment, set-up, and testing
  • Electrical repairs
  • DAS systems
If you’ve just suffered at the hands of a natural disaster, reach out to RMC Contracting.

Tower Mapping & Inspections

Keeping your tower in the best shape possible is crucial to ensure that the telecommunications infrastructure that we all need and value so much for our day-to-day tasks stays in good working order for as long as possible. For if there’s one link, the whole chain could fail at any moment and the uncertainty of that is something that the modern world just can’t operate very well on. That’s why it’s so crucially important to ensure you’re scheduling proper tower mapping and inspections.

Why You Need Inspections

When you’re gathering data about the performance of a tower, you’ll need structural data as well as technological data to form a well-rounded representation of how reliable the tower will be. This is especially important before incoming potential natural disasters and other issues. When you know everything you can about the tower, you’ll be able to make preparations for the worst scenario. This helps you hone and focus on the overall functionality and efficiency of the tower. Plus, you’ll be able to mitigate damage that may be the result of a hidden, underlying issue.

Our tower inspections are offered on a variety of different levels designed to be easily tailored to your needs. Our tower inspection packages include annual maintenance inspections, post-storm integrity data, and steel data so that you can make the best, most informed decisions for the operation of your tower. Our general inspection covers a huge range of mechanics and functionality tests including:

  • Coax inventory
  • Tower condition
  • Paint condition
  • Exterior structural condition
  • Antenna inventory
  • And more

Antenna & Line Installation

You haven’t seen an antenna on a phone for some time, so it’s likely that you believe they’re no longer made with them anymore. However, your cell phone is still equipped with an antenna, it’s just incredibly tiny and powerful. Essentially, when you make a phone call, your message is translated into numbers, sent through your antenna to enter a cell tower base station as radio waves. That little valuable and highly advanced antenna can’t do that fine work of keeping you and others connected if there’s no cell tower infrastructure to transfer that information around the world at incredible speeds. In order for an antenna in your phone to work, the antenna on a cell tower needs to work right too, and that’s where RMC Contracting comes in.
Cell towers need high-quality antennas to be able to pick up the thousands of radio waves that they act as a conduit to. But, the antennas and other important information gathering and receiving equipment are often in danger as it’s at the very top of a tower, where the equipment can more readily read and access the data being sent to them on radio waves. Because it’s so exposed, it’s the most likely part of a tower to get damaged. But that’s where RMC Contracting comes in. Our experienced and dedicated technicians are always on the front lines ready to repair and install antennas and other gear at the top of towers to keep our telecommunications infrastructure functioning properly. We provide maintenance, repair, and installation to make sure your tower is still running flawlessly.

Civil Division

Civil infrastructure is, perhaps, the next most important type of infrastructure that supports and keeps our country running like a well-tuned machine. Here at RMC Contracting, we don’t just work to ensure you can keep in contact with folks, we work to ensure that the roads, fencing, and other aspects that keep the telecommunications systems safe and working properly are all functioning too. Since all of our resources are totally in-house, it’s easy for us to simply transfer those resources to other projects. At times, we’ll hire partner contractors to help us complete the work detailed in a contract so that we can better serve you and meet your every expectation.

RMC Contracting is proud to be a part of the great moving machine that keeps all of the U.S. moving smoothly and working together. That’s why we’re so proud to offer other complementary services on top of providing important emergency support services to towers all over the country. 

Electrical Division

Part of staying connected through better means of communication is having access to electricity. A phone can’t work without electricity and neither can your WiFi connection, or your computer. Without the fundamental resource that connects us to the grid in the first place, telecommunications is pointless. That’s why, based on our passion for interconnectivity, RMC Contracting has started to include electrical repair services in our large suite of offerings. Our electrical repair service is meant to complement our tower maintenance and repair services and make it easier to use just one contractor to completely repair a system of towers. Our electrical crew specializes in towers and repairs, but the electrical division is very versatile and can take on other electrical network issues as well.