[March 12 2020]

After several rounds of technical discussions and workshops, the 800G Pluggable MSA work group releases a white paper– ENABLING THE NEXT GENERATION OF CLOUD & AI USING 800GB/S OPTICAL MODULES. The white paper explains the evolution path for Data Center architectures and optical interconnect requirements of cloud expansion. Different scenarios of 800G applications are discussed from the technical point of view.

The white paper is available to download from the MSA official website with the link below.



About 800G Pluggable MSA

The 800G Pluggable MSA work group was formed in September 5, 2019 and promotes a joint industry exchange and collaboration between data center operators and vendors of infrastructure equipment, optical modules, optoelectronic chips, and connectors.

It focuses on the data center network interconnection scenario, targeting to determine the optimal interconnect architecture, define interface specifications of the 800G pluggable optical modules, build the ecosystem, and guide healthy development of the industry.

For more information, please visit www.800Gmsa.com







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