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For most of us, we use a public work or system of civil infrastructure almost every day of our lives. Whether it’s driving over a bridge every day on our way to work or just being able to rely on water coming out of the spigot everytime you turn on the showerhead, we truly rely on this system of infrastructure for the day-to-day privileges we experience every day. But for many of us, we might not always consider how, and more importantly, who is taking the time and the effort to not only create these systems and civil works, but maintain them so that our reliance on them is rewarded every time.

The “who” in this case, are teams of dedicated civil engineers, contractors, and construction workers who dedicate their careers and lives to providing this service and maintenance.
While these jobs might seem fairly comparable to any other type of job, these jobs are especially critical; if someone doesn’t show up or there is a mistake on the job, the repercussions can affect an untold number of people’s lives. That’s just one of the reasons why the Civil Division contracting team at RMC Contracting are so dedicated to providing quality services for our clients. 

The training and experience that our team has in abundance is not just fro the job — it’s a commitment to helping others and, essentially, to keep the world spinning like everyone expects it to. In addition to a variety of communication towers and electrical services, our Civil Division team provides effective wireless construction services for any type of civil work or system required. Keep reading to learn more about these services, and how RMC Contracting can serve you!

Wireless Civil Construction Services

In addition to the extensive communication tower services we offer to businesses and clients all over the country, we also offer effective civil construction services for a variety of civil infrastructures and systems. RMC Contracting has the in-house resources needed to complete just about any civil task in wireless construction. For any sort of infrastructure or civil service job, while there might be a specific repair or service that requires our professional expertise, there are some equally important peripheral civil factors involved.

A telecommunication tower might need some structural repairs, or an antenna/coax package might need to be replaced, and our team of experienced RMC contractors can provide that. But in some cases, in addition or instead of our telecommunication expertise, a client or company might simply need the service road that leads to the tower reinforced, or some simple fencing put up to stop locals from climbing the tower in addition to a tower service. Whatever kind of service your tower or civil system of infrastructure needs, our team at RMC Contracting has the capabilities to provide for you.

Civil Division Services with RMC Contracting

As much as we specialize in exceptionally professional electrical and wireless work on a variety of communication towers and wireless structures, we can also provide the necessary civil services on any sort of job, like surrounding road construction, grading and foundation modifications, fencing, landscaping and more. When you need a team of reliable professionals to get a repair done, as well as a team that clean up after themselves and leave a worksite better than when they got there, the Civil Division of RMC Contracting is there for you.

We can also provide certain equipment platform modification and upgrades to limit any future issues or to expedite any future servicing. Or we can provide some effective landscaping for the area surrounding a tower, making any movement of equipment or personnel around the area that much easier. We can grade the earth near the foundation, as well as reinforce the concrete foundation to ensure as much tower stability as possible.

The possibilities of our Civil Division services are limitless. We can improve the efficiency and functioning of just about any structure or equipment for just about any job we take — we wouldn’t take the job otherwise. Give us a call with any potential civil construction request you might have, and we will work with our team to find a solution.

RMC Contracting Civil Division

The Civil Division of RMC Contracting is just like any other part of our contracting team: experienced, professional, effective, and dedicated to serving our clients. We have the capabilities and the dedicated contractors to provide a variety of tower and telecommunication services, as well as a variety of supportive infrastructure and civil construction services to work sites and towers all over the country. We provide our contracting services to practically every big cell carrier you can think of, and a few you can’t think of. Give us a call today and see how the Civil Divisions at RMC Contracting can provide for you and your company.


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