Chinese vendor ZTE announced it has secured the winning bid for the commercial 5G Standalone core network in China Mobile’s 2020 centralized procurement for new 5G SA core network equipment.

ZTE will provide the core technology that will power China Mobile’s 5G in 12 provinces of China. Once completed, the project will become the world’s largest 5G SA network, according to ZTE.

China Mobile’s 5G SA core network project uses ZTE’s Common Core solution, which features a services-based architecture, micro-service components, stateless design and network slicing. ZTE’s Common Core solution accommodate the full access and full integration requirements of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G services simultaneously, the vendor added.

“By virtue of ZTE’s Common Core solution, resources can be reused and the target architecture can be achieved in one step, thereby avoiding multiple network upgrades and reconstruction while reaching the 5G target network directly and saving the investment cost,” ZTE said in a release.

China Mobile currently provides 5G services in 50 cities across China and has deployed a total of 50,000 base stations. The carrier plans to deploy a total of 300,000 5G base stations by the end of 2020, according to previous reports.

“As China’s first 5G SA network tender, the performance of vendors will directly affect the follow-up market of 5G SA in China and even in the world. As one of China Mobile’s important supplier, ZTE devotes to the deployment of the world’s largest commercial 5G SA core network,” Tu Jiashun, ZTE’s Principal Scientists NFV/SDN products, told RCR Wireless News.

The executive also highlighted that the vendor is very active carrying out field trials and Lab test of 5G, especially 5G SA with the three major operators in China. “ZTE has made sufficient preparations in R&D, logistics and delivery, which can support more responsibility in 5G construction of three major operators.”

“As the target architecture of 5G, SA can provide new capabilities such as uRLLC,  network slicing and etc. In fact, China has banned the sale of NSA one mode terminals in the market since January 1. In the Chinese market, the three operators have made it clear that 5G SA network will be launched commercially in the first half of this year. We believe that the market will quickly tilt to SA, especially after NSA operators see the maturity and benefits of SA,” the executive said.

All three of China’s mobile network operators have launched their initial NSA 5G networks across the country.

To date, ZTE has obtained 46 commercial 5G contracts in major markets, such as Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

COVID-19 crisis

The executive said that ZTE’s five manufacturing facilities have resumed production in accordance with the requirements of the local governments: “ZTE and its logistics partners have developed differentiated logistics solutions to ensure timely delivery of products to customers,” he said. “ZTE has employed digital, automatic, and remote methods to prevent and control emergencies, and restore efficiency and time in response to customer requirements in a timely manner, thereby ensuring orderly resumption of work. In terms of guaranteeing core telecommunication networks, ZTE has fully supported the operators in their telecommunications construction and guarantee in the critical period.”

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