Linder tracks the move from non-standalone 5G to standalone 5G

Welcome to the inaugural episode of “Will 5G Change the World?” a weekly podcast where I engage with a wide variety of industry experts to answer that important question. Our guest this week is Peter Linder, head of 5G marketing for Ericsson in North America.

Please have a listen: 

Linder discusses how previous generations of cellular have made the world figuratively smaller and he looks at how 5G will continue that trend.

Also hear musings on the characterization of 5G as a race and, following that analogy, about Swedish driver Ronnie Peterson’s motto, “When the flag drops, the bullshit stops.”

Also listen to this bonus episode of “Will 5G Change the World?” where Qualcomm policy pros Dean Brenner and Alice Tornquist discuss the emergency situation facing students who aren’t equipped to learn from home as COVID-19 causes prolonged school closures.

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