Verizon commits $10 million to aid organizations dedicated to equality and social justice

A visibly impassioned Hans Vestberg made a commitment of $10 million to organizations which work for equality and social justice, at times choking up as he spoke of the national protests against police brutality and how Verizon is responding.

“It’s a sad situation we see in the nation right now,” the Verizon CEO said, his voice catching. “I have been talking to my leadership team all this weekend, and I understand the situation. … I rarely have a hard time with words, but I am today.”

“The events unfolding across the country that are rooted in hate are contradictory with our beliefs as a company and leave me with a feeling of regret and sadness. Verizon is fiercely committed to diversity and inclusion across all spectrums because it makes us and the world better. I am hopeful that the rest of the country will come to understand that valuing everyone equally is the best way forward. We cannot commit to a brand purpose of moving the world forward unless we are committed to helping ensure we move it forward for everyone.

“Although I don’t share the same life experience, I want to listen, understand and help,” Vestberg said. “I am an ally and my thoughts are with all the families that have been profoundly impacted by these events.”

Vestberg ended the statement by committing, on behalf of the Verizon Foundation, $10 million to social justice organizations, shared equally with these organizations:



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