In the past decades, wires were used for transmitting the message but nowadays, modems are also used. Wireless communication is the latest trend, freeing the products from connecting wires. The information communicated may be in any form like voice, text, image, or video. Some telecom product like fax, telephone, or modem is used to send and receive the message. You can use all these products simultaneously with switch control mechanism.

Since the invention of telephones in 1876, new telecom products were invented, making communication easy. Telegraph was the first method used to pass information from one place to another using some codes. Later, telephones enabled voice communication where the sender and the receiver will have telephones. Anyone who has a telephone connection can make and receive calls at any time. The voice is converted into electrical signals which are then transmitted through the wires. The receiving end interprets the electrical signals and reconverts to voice again. Every telephone uses control devices to enable conversion between the voice and electrical signals.

Revolution in the telecom industry started with the changes in telephones. Olden day bulkier phones are replaced by modern day lightweight phones. Many accessories like answering machines can be attached to the telephone line using which you can track the missed calls. The cellular phone is an important telecom product which changed the way communication was carried out in the past. The wires were discarded and the mobile phone can communicate with the base station through radiations invisible for the naked eye. Radio waves are used for establishing communication without any wires. Calls can be established between wired and wireless devices, providing perfect integration between the old and the new technology.

All in one telephones and multi line telephones can now be found in every office. With more and more new telecom products, communication was made simple. The price of these products is also reduced, making these products feasible to acquire. Fax machines have made written communication very simple. You no more need to post a business letter and wait for many days to get a reply. The written paper can be fed to the fax machine which instantly sends the message to the recipient. You can send and receive text messages within a few minutes. Walkie-talkie phones can also be considered as telecom products. These phones are like radios, but they operate in both the ways. These radios operate in specific frequency bands which are used to send and receive voice data. Dedicated frequencies are used for secure communication.

If you have an office, you need to have many telecom products like phones, fax, answering machine, modems, security monitors, credit card terminals, climate control, and poll cash registers. To use all these machines simultaneously, you have to use the voice / data sharing device. This is the central telecom product which sends appropriate message to the appropriate device. Using a single telephone communication line, you can use all these products. The sharing device incorporates port-switching mechanism to distribute voice and data.


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