In a new step toward an ecosystem for standalone 5G, Samsung has demonstrated multi-vendor interoperability in a 5G SA core.

Samsung has been collaborating with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Openet on its 5G SA core, and the three companies said that they have achieved “successful integration of a cloud-native 5G standalone (SA) core with multi-vendor interoperability.”

Samsung said that it integrated its control, user plane network function and orchestrator with HPE’s shared data environment and network functions, and with Openet’s policy and charging solutions.

“This represents an important milestone and demonstrates significant progress in the journey toward 5G SA,” the companies said, adding that a 5G SA core is important in order for carriers to be able to offer network slicing, mobile edge computing, AI analytics and ultra-reliable, low-latency networks. A 5G SA core, they added, “will play a significant role in driving new business opportunities for mobile operators as the industry is focusing on the next generation services spanning autonomous driving, smart factory, smart farm, and [augmented reality/virtual reality].”

“This demonstration shows the power of taking a multi-vendor partnership approach to providing 5G SA Core and how it can enable network slicing with dynamic policy and charging rules,” said Joe Hogan, CTO and founder of Openet. “Being able to manage the quality of service for 5G network slicing will allow operators to enter into many new markets with innovative offers and open up new revenue streams.”

Domenico Convertino, VP of product management for communications and media solutions at HPE, said that an open, service-based architecture allows operators to avoid vendor lock-in as well as “to have a smooth evolution to 5G with proven co-existence with 4G network technologies.”

Wonil Roh, VP and head of product strategy for Samsung’s networks business said that a 5G SA core “built on open architecture is a key driver of the innovative services that 5G promises, and it will help mobile operators create new revenue streams and business opportunities. … We look forward to extending our 5G technical leadership around the globe by widening our end-to-end 5G solution portfolio.”

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