The IMS AS encompasses a number of defined roles in Next Generation Network architectures. It starts as the most fundamental TAS functionality allowing for the migration to VoLTE and VoWiFi. It further expands as the Service & Call Continuity AS (SCC-AS) providing for true mobility, roaming and technology buffer across 3G,4G,5G and Wi-Fi networks. Ultimately, this element bridges the technology functionality gap, providing all the valuable services end users have grown accustomed to as the MMTEL AS.

In this webinar, REDCOM will share case studies, highlighting the experiences from our Carrier partners with using the IMS AS to fulfill new demands and regulations from this year.

The specific case studies include:

-Addressing the March 2020 mandate for Rip & Replace: A flexible IMS AS can help a Carrier achieve their network goals for VoLTE, VoWifi in a staggered approach using existing equipment (regardless of the vendor) and eventually “replacing” unsafe vendor equipment in a non-disruptive way
-Augmenting the mandate for STIR/SHAKEN with centralized and evolving policy service for not only signing of messages but also attestation levels to prevent Robocalls
-Providing specialized functions specific to growing and changing subscriber usage, demands for RCS and solving interworking concerns

Shannon Chevier, Director, Product Management, Service Provider Solutions, REDCOM

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