“Looking at the astonishing scale of data stored and generated, storing 175ZB on a pile of Blu-ray discs, the stack would reach the moon” says BS Teh, SVP, global sales and sales operation, Seagate Technology.

The zettabyte is known as a multiple of the unit byte for digital information. 1 ZB is equal to 1 trillion GB. IDC predicts that the world’s data will grow to an astounding 175 ZB by the 2025.

Keep your data safe with Dell EMC Avamar Solution

With growing data use, protecting the data is of utmost importance. Protection of the critical data requires a consistent and integrated methodology to conduct backups, recovery and retention. Dell EMC’s Avamar Data Protection Solution does all that and more. Avamar enables providers to extend the data protection capabilities by simplifying operations in the (public or private) Cloud environment.

Avamar is a leading backup and recovery software integrated with data deduplication technology. It solves the challenges associated with traditional data protection by enabling fast, reliable backup and recovery for remote sites.

Keeping this in mind, the latest Dell EMC Ready Architecture for Red Hat Open Stack Platform (version 13.3) includes Dell EMC Avamar 19.2 Data Protection Solution, which is now integrated with OpenStack Queens, enabling users to safeguard their OpenStack instances in a non-disruptive manner. This turnkey solution, integrating Dell EMC Data Protection Software and Dell EMC Certified Hardware, enables simple yet high performance protection for mission critical workloads. It is optimized for daily, fast and complete backups of physical and virtual environments and enables application-consistent recovery of telco workloads.

With Dell EMC Avamar Data Protection Solution being tightly Integrated with OpenStack Horizon, there is no need for operators to switch between dashboards while performing faster, more efficient back-ups using Avamar’s deduplication approach.

Avamar also provides intuitive centralized management and encryption for data security. In disruptive events of cyberattacks, downtimes and failures, let Dell EMC safeguard your solution and protect your data.

Key features include:

  • OpenStack Horizon Integration
  • Integration with Keystone authentication
  • Backup-as-a-Service via API
  • Non-disruptive policy-based enforcement
  • File Level Recovery (FLR)
  • Deduplication on every instance & volumes
  • Flexible Block Tracking
  • Avamar Virtual Edition on OpenStack KVM 

Dell EMC and Red Hat OpenStack Platform


In an effort to have higher agility with lower costs, Service Providers all over the world are leveraging OpenStack to control and manage their large pools of compute, storage and networking resources. However, with constantly growing Data Centers at the Core, Edge and everywhere in between, security and disaster recovery of the (physical and virtual) infrastructure is key for business continuity.

The Red Hat OpenStack Platform is a leading containerized OpenStack distribution that combines Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Kernel based Virtual Machine (KVM) into a secure, scalable infrastructure.

The Dell EMC Ready Architecture for Red Hat OpenStack Platform provides users with an architecture guide; a Ready-To-Use solution optimized for Telecommunication Service Providers (Telcos). This solution, built on Dell EMC hardware and Red Hat OpenStack Platform is pre-engineered and validated to offer users with the flexibility to customize and the freedom to choose components, based on their workload requirements while minimizing the architecture and deployment time. Benefits include:

  • Freedom to pick and choose infrastructure components for your specific VNF or workload requirements.
  • Peace of mind with ready-to-use solutions that simplify deployment and minimize risk.
  • Data protection integrated for providing backup, recovery and retention services.
  • Proven interoperability with solutions co-engineered and rigorously tested and validated for carrier-grade performance.
  • Investment protection with Long-life Intel® Xeon® processors in PowerEdge R-Series servers.
  • Optimized configurations for NFV use cases.
  • No vendor lock-in with open technologies that enable access to components from a wide variety of commercial third-party vendors.



What’s New?

The latest Dell EMC Ready Architecture with Red Hat OpenStack Platform (v13.3) is based on OpenStack Queens Release and RHOSP 13 and includes several key enhancements:

  • Enhanced data protection using Dell EMC Avamar Suite
    • For the first time, we are adding in Dell’s best in class Data Protection with Avamar 19.2 solution.
  • Single integrated solution for network Edge, Core and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
    • Automated deployment support using Jetpack, an Open Source toolkit that can be used to deploy OpenStack, on the hardware infrastructure for a faster, reliable and repeatable process.
  • More storage options, including Dell EMC PowerMax and Dell EMC Unity
    • In addition to Red Hat Ceph Storage, our Ready Architecture also supports Dell EMC Unity and PowerMax Storage. Together, Dell EMC and Red Hat can provide block, image, file share and object storage using OpenStack Cinder, Glance, Manila and Swift services.
  • Support for RHEL 7.7, including latest updates
  • We are committed to providing users with the most up-to-date combinations of software and hardware. Current architecture is based on RHOSP 13 (Queens) and we are excited to bring OpenStack Train based RHOSP version 16 into our playbook this year.

In addition, Dell EMC continues to support all the relevant Ironic drivers for bare-metal provisioning on Dell EMC servers: iDRAC, IPMI and RedFish drivers. Starting from OSP 13, Dell EMC servers are the first to be certified for Red Hat Open Stack Bare Metal. Dell EMC and Red Hat have a long standing partnership and we are committed to delivering world-class solutions based on Open-Source and ETSI standards.

Our Ready Architectures reduce the time it takes to procure, validate and integrate infrastructure components. We are excited to be able to provide a single end to end solution for OpenStack that includes Data Protection. This solution will provide backup and recovery, simplify data center complexities and make transformations pain free.

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