Most companies recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I). But they may find themselves short of their goals when it comes to implementation.

This week’s guests are from a Top 100 Certified Minority Business. It has a nearly equal balance of men and women, throughout all levels of the company. They know what an effective D&I strategy looks like.

Tom Marciano, CRO, and Iris Dawson, VP of Site Development work at inRange Solutions…A company with high retention rates and a management team that came mostly from backgrounds other than telecom.

The company started with a culture of hiring for diversity and inclusion and for drive and integrity. This winning strategy continues through today.

Tom and Iris explain why D&I have made inRange successful. They also share the factors inRange looks for in candidates.

And they reveal how their company has built a recruitment and retainment program, focusing on hiring, training, and empowering women in the workforce.

The results help not just the women of inRange, but all employees.

Listen now!

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