When people talk about the Internet of Things (IoT), they’re often talking about the many devices that can be connected. But we don’t want things to simply connect. We want to have a combined experience with those connected things.

This week’s guest, Dr. Derek Peterson, CTO at Boingo Wireless, has thought about convergence a lot. In his “Convergence Manifesto,” he called on the industry to stop competing and start collaborating.

In this episode, Dr. Derek shares:

  • What the convergence mindset is and how it can reduce costs and improve opportunities in the industry
  • Why SPIRIT and after-action reviews are important to the Boingo culture
  • How a more personal internet—the “IoMe” instead of the IoT—will reduce everyday friction in our lives

And you don’t want to miss the way Dr. Derek has incorporated this last point very intimately into his life—with a microchip in his hand!

Listen now to hear how this implant is streamlining his life and decluttering his pockets.

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