Edge computing specialist MobiledgeX has created an organization dedicated to enterprise use case exploration and adoption with some big names already on board.

“Our purpose is to provide a clear, comprehensive understanding of the edge market and to support industry-wide adoption of edge-enabled technologies and innovations,” says the Seamster website. To help it do that, it already has Accedian, Dell EMC, MobiledgeX, Stratacache, Topio Networks, VMware, and Worldwide Technology mucking in to the collective effort.

“When you start with the critical question about who the edge is for, you begin to see this massive opportunity from a very different perspective,” said MobiledgeX CEO Jason Hoffman. “Seamster is bringing together an eclectic array of players to expedite the information, support and resources needed to help enterprises leverage 5G and edge computing to finally solve problems in their digital transformation efforts. We invite all companies interested in pursuing this common goal to join Seamster.”

For all this talk of 5G the founding fathers are thinly represented by the telecoms community. Accedian is all about network assurance but the Dell ecosystem is very much from the enterprise perspective and the networks Topio creates are the human kind. Edge computing is where the IT and telecoms worlds collide and it would be good to see a few members of the latter join the part before long.

Having said that MobiledgeX itself was created by Deutsche Telekom back in 2018, so maybe the whole point of it is to get more enterprise companies involved. Either way it seems like a good idea to help the IT and telecoms sectors understand each other better. If this sort of thing takes off it may remove any doubt that it’s only by working together will the broader ICT world make the most of the edge opportunity.


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