Last week I attended the Qualcomm global analyst briefing and media event. Part one was called The Future of 5G. Part two was Connectivity, Networking and IoT. The event focused on tomorrow and looked at a variety of key technologies like 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth, IoT and more. I also had conversations with executives discussing growth strategy and what tomorrow will look like.

The group was a mix of global industry analysts and the media. There were wireless analysts, telecom analysts, IoT analysts and wireless, telecom and technology reporters.

The briefing was very impressive, showed what tomorrow will look like and what role Qualcomm will play.

The bottom line it this. As amazing as wireless has been over the last few decades, get ready because you haven’t seen anything yet.

Let me share with you some of what I learned.

Qualcomm wireless analyst, IoT analyst, media 5G briefing

This is more than just the future of 5G. It is also the future of Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth, IoT and more. These different areas work well separately, and they work well together. When they do, this is a case of one-plus-one equals three.

They pulled the camera back. They looked back at the last few decades, at where we are today and where we are heading going forward over the next decade.

We learned that just like moving from 3G to 4G in yesterday’s world, the move to 5G is both a next step and an enormous new growth opportunity. This is true for Qualcomm, for companies in the entire wireless industry and this time, for other companies in other industries as well.

Tomorrow will be about 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth, IoT and so much more

Yes, companies in other industries have their eyes on 5G to transform themselves. To gain a competitive advantage, and to in fact update themselves and their entire industry.

This will give early adopters a first mover advantage before eventually maturing and becoming the standard way companies in other industries do business.

Industries like automotive, health care, retail, smart cities, governments and so much more are all active participants in this next move.

The tour of different stations in the afternoon moved us from one technology to the next. From one industry to the next. One idea to the next. It showed how this new wireless technology works separately and together.

Qualcomm is at the center of the universe of this next change wave in networks, antennas, handsets, chips and more. Most companies are focused on one slice of the pie. Qualcomm is focused on the whole pie.

Qualcomm is at center of 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth and IoT change wave

As you know, 5G is the next generation of wireless technology. Like in the past, this transformation will be a huge growth engine for industry players. This time, there will also be other industries entering the 5G change wave.

One area of growth is networks. Networks must update everything, everywhere. So, this is a big challenge and growth opportunity for them for many years to come. This is similar from the moves from one generation to the next over the last few decades.

Another area of growth are towers and the gear to control and handle the massive volume on 5G traffic, which will not only be faster than ever, but will be very low latency. It will also work with Wi-Fi 6, the cloud, IoT, and so much more.

Still, another area of growth is devices. That means smartphones, tablets, watches, and other wireless gear. Networks must be able to provide services to all these devices. So, every device maker also needs to upgrade to 5G. That means smartphones, tablets and gear from many other industries as well.

And this time there is a new area of growth where non-wireless companies, smart cities, autonomous cars, governments and more will enter wireless. As I mentioned, the first categories were part of the shift to previous generations, but this last category is completely new and potentially huge.

I had countless conversations with many different Qualcomm executives and analysts over the multi-day event. It was truly educational and enlightening.

Walking into the Irwin M. Jacobs lecture center, the walls were full of Qualcomm patents over decades. Thousands of them. More than you can imagine. Over the last several decades, they have led the way and earned a leadership position in the industry. It is very impressive.

I believe these many different areas will be an enormous growth opportunity for Qualcomm. These different areas will grow on their own and together.

But remember, this is also a new growth opportunity for their competitors and customers like networks, handset makers, automotive, healthcare, smart cities and more, over the coming decade.

Expect growth wave with 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth and IoT over next decade

Bottom line, this briefing showed the size and scope of the growth opportunity Qualcomm has over the next decade with the 5G change wave which is just beginning.

I believe the transformation to 5G will both be like transitions of the past; plus, this time it will expand to other companies in other industries as well. It will unleash new levels of growth for not only wireless companies and networks, but for other companies and industries as well.

Whether you are an investor, a wireless network, handset or tablet maker, or another industry who will enter the 5G wireless space going forward, the takeaway is this.

The next wireless transformational wave has begun. It will grow over the next decade. It will affect and impact every player. And once again, Qualcomm is in a leadership position in all corners of the wireless world.

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