COVID-19 is a real pain in the… well you know. We have noticed how difficult and time consuming it can be to simply unlock and use our smartphone when we are wearing a face mask. Let me share two secrets that may help you.

One partial solution was just announced by Apple for their iPhone. The other is a recommendation for a complete solution that every smartphone maker can deliver, if they are concerned for their customers.

Apple Face ID was designed to make unlocking your iPhone fast and easy. That’s unless you are wearing a mask. In that case, Face ID does not recognize you. So, you either have to take your mask off, or you must let it go through several cycles before it eventually takes you to the keypad.

First fix to unlock Apple iPhone with face mask

So, Apple iPhone update iOS 13.5 tries to fix this new problem. First, let me say thank you to Apple. I know they are trying. This solution is good, but not good enough. But it’s a good start, so thank you Apple.

Of course, this update also tracks users and reports this data to the government. Something that many people would rather avoid.

The update screen says among other things… iOS 13.5 speeds up access to the passcode field on devices with Face ID when you are wearing a face mask.

Bingo. That’s what every iPhone user needs. If it only solved the problem.

So, if you have already upgraded your iOS to 13, then you should update even further to 13.5.

Second, dual facial recognition detects two faces, with and without mask

The other solution is one that I would like to recommend to every smartphone maker including Apple, Google, Samsung and all the rest.

Simply have a dual facial recognition… one with a mask and one without.

That way, it will work whether you are out and about with your mask on, or whether you are alone and not wearing a mask.

Who says Face ID can only recognize one face? It can do whatever it’s programmed to do.

If smartphone makers really care about their customers, they will implement this solution immediately. It is quick and easy fix.

No new technology is needed. Just have it create a facial profile for two faces rather than one.

In fact, we could take this one step further if they really care about customers. They could let the user choose how many facial profiles they want to use. Perhaps they want to let their spouse have access and create another profile. After all, there are emergencies in which this makes perfect sense.

iPhone, Android, Samsung smartphone facial recognition update

So, Apple, Google, Samsung and every other smartphone maker, update your facial recognition program to recognize two faces, one with a mask and one without.

That’s the fastest and easiest solution. Period.

We all seem to use our smartphones when walking around. Suddenly, we’ve been wrestling with this new problem. Finally, a first fix is here, and the better, even more comprehensive fix was just suggested.

No more awkward moments when trying to use your smartphone when you are masked. No more taking your mask off just to use your phone. No more having the Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay not work because it doesn’t recognize your face with the mask on.

Seems to make perfect sense to me and everyone I mention this to. So, what do you think? This solution could happen very quickly. So, let’s just see how long it takes before these smartphone makers take this path. You are welcome!

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