There are different names that can be used to refer to internet marketing. These names are online marketing, i-marketing or e-marketing. The term internet marketing reiterates the marketing of goods and services via internet.

The greatest impact which comes with e-marketing is that it has really facilitated sales of goods and services globally. Having a look on the other impact which has come along with internet marketing, it has really facilitated snap responses from prospective clients thus rendering a very unique quality as a media of advertisement.

This kind of marketing can also be referred to as broad scope simply because it targets internet users via wireless media and e-mail. When one reiterates to e-marketing, it simply means a direct marketing which is executed via an electronic mail. This would be the same as give audience as a means of communication through a fund raising message, in a brochure perspective, every electronic mail that is sent to potential or current customer can or will be given a consideration as e-marketing.

It should be noted that this terms can also be used to refer to:

  • Electronic mail sent with an intent of enhancing relationships with a merchant with current and previous clients. Where the mail can be used to encourage repeated business and customer loyalty.
  • This can also be used as a means of acquiring new clients or persuading current clients to make a purchase of something in short notice. Etc.

Some of the advantages and the disadvantages of using traditional mail advertising in comparison to e-mail are:


  1. It has a very big impact to various companies because of; it's very easy to track the exact return on investment which has proven to be very high when properly done.
  2. It is reported as second most effective compared to search marketing.
  3. It is very effective when it comes to reaching high prospect clients in a substantial number via e-mail subscription.
  4. Avery large number of people that use email check it on a daily basis.
  5. It reaches the popularity mark when it comes to digital marketers which has an estimate of 15% etc.


The biggest disadvantage that can be associated with e-marketing is the fact that some of the emails are either filtered or rejected by the mail providers and other systems. For example, in the year 2008, roughly half of the e-mails sent through this platform reached their audience. This means that the target that was reached was way below ten percent in responses. This means that companies that are considering the use of e-mail as part of their e-marketing campaign should make sure that they follow the spam laws in the United States and any other laws that are directly or indirectly related to the same.


Source by Khan Helaluzzaman Ayon