PC makers have been experimenting with turning computers into something more like phones

On Monday, Intel and MediaTek announced they are partnering to create 5G modems for laptops and other PCs. Intel will define the 5G solution spec, provide optimization and validate designs, while MediaTek will develop the cellular chip for the devices. According to the companies, the first 5G-enabled PCs are expected to enter the market in early 2021 and will sport a 5G chip based in part on MediaTek’s Helio M70 5G modem, which was introduced earlier this year.

MediaTek and Intel’s mutual rival, Qualcomm, is working to deliver 5G laptops, a fact that no doubt played a big role in in this recent partnership. Earlier this year, Intel exited the 5G modem game, divesting its IP and other assets.

Motivated by the increase in mobile phone usage and the decrease in PC usage, traditional PC developers have been experimenting with turning computers into something more like phones and equipping them with cellular connectivity is certainly a big step in that direction.

“5G is poised to unleash a new level of computing and connectivity that will transform the way we interact with the world. This partnership with MediaTek brings together industry leaders with deep engineering, system integration and connectivity expertise to deliver 5G experiences on the next generation of the world’s best PCs,” Gregory Bryant, Intel executive vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group, said in a press release.

MediaTek President Joe Chen commented, “5G will usher in the next era of PC experiences, and working with Intel, an industry leader in computing, highlights MediaTek’s expertise in designing 5G technology for global markets. With this partnership, consumers will be able to browse, stream and game faster on their PCs, but we also expect them to innovate with 5G in ways we have not yet imagined.”

The press release specified that Dell and HP are likely to be among the first OEMs to deliver laptops enabled with the Intel and MediaTek’s 5G solution.

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