[London, UK, February 24, 2020] At the Huawei products and solutions launch event in London, Huawei announced it had upgraded the Huawei SingleFAN Pro solution. The solution provides a series of sub-solutions, including AirPON, BusinessPON, CurbPON, Digital QuickODN (DQ ODN), embedded AI (eAI) ONT, and Flex-PON (A-B-C-D-E-F), to help global operators deploy gigabit full-fiber access networks in various scenarios.

Fiber broadband is critical for operators to succeed in the future. Global operators are actively investing in fiber broadband infrastructure. China, Japan, South Korea, Spain, France, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates have launched a series of strategic initiatives to accelerate fiber broadband construction. Leading operators in both developed and emerging markets are actively seeking the most efficient fiber broadband construction mode to gain a competitive edge in the next decade.

Jeffrey Zhou, President of Huawei’s Access Network Domain, said, “As a global leader in the fiber broadband industry, Huawei is committed to providing operators with leading full-fiber access solutions. Huawei’s upgraded SingleFAN Pro solution can fully adapt to different gigabit fiber broadband requirements of global operators. By fully utilizing live networks, these end-to-end sub-solutions help operators quickly build gigabit full-fiber access networks and achieve business success in broadband markets.”

To enable mobile operators to efficiently build fixed networks, Huawei provides the AirPON sub-solution to reuse existing mobile stations to install outdoor OLT devices and lay out fibers, reducing CAPEX by 27%. Using this solution, the ODN network is visible from end to end, reducing the ODN sunk cost by 20%. Fibers are pre-connected in the construction process, improving the construction efficiency by 70%.

For the enterprise gigabit access scenario, Huawei provides the BusinessPON sub-solution based on the OptiXstar series four-in-one enterprise gateways. The solution fully utilizes existing FTTH networks to fulfill the cloudification requirements of small- and medium-sized enterprises. It also removes the need for dedicated maintenance personnel, achieving zero service interruption while greatly improving the ARPU of enterprise users.

For the copper-to-fiber evolution scenario, Huawei provides the CurbPON sub-solution to reuse street cabinets of existing FTTC sites to deploy mini OLTs. This solution shortens the average fiber deployment distance from 2 km to 500 m. It reduces the fiber deployment period and cost, and enables copper operators to rapidly roll out FTTH networks.

For the fiber network construction scenario, Huawei provides the DQ ODN sub-solution to introduce all-scenario AI capabilities. In this solution, OLTs can work with ONTs to accurately identify passive ODN links. Furthermore, the iMaster NCE-FAN platform makes dumb ODN pipes visible and manageable, helping operators fully utilize ODN resources.

For the home network scenario, Huawei provides the industry’s first series of eAI ONTs which can intelligently identify service types of home users. With innovative Wi-Fi 6 slicing and intelligent power adjustment technologies, the ONTs can reduce the latency of specific services by more than 50%, achieving zero frame freezing for high-priority services. By leveraging this advantage, operators can launch value-added services with a guaranteed experience to improve the average revenue per user (ARPU) of home broadband users.

For the gigabit upgrade scenario, Huawei provides the Flex-PON sub-solution which supports GPON, XG(S)-PON, and XG(S)-PON Combo auto-sensing, enabling smooth evolution without replacing line cards. Once a network is built, it can meet the requirements of the next decade, saving 30% of TCO in the long run.

Jeffrey Zhou said, “The era of gigabit full-fiber broadband has arrived. Huawei’s SingleFAN Pro, including the A-B-C-D-E-F series sub-solutions, provides end-to-end solutions to help operators quickly build gigabit full-fiber access networks that can meet the requirements of the next decade at an optimal cost, helping operators to transform from bandwidth monetization to experience monetization and achieve greater business success.”


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