Finding and retaining talent are twin challenges facing our industry. Add in rapid company growth, and those challenges get more critical and severe.

And yet Leaf Communications isn’t struggling, in spite of impressive growth. In fact, candidates actively seek positions within the company.

So how are they doing it?

In this week’s episode, CEO Dan Leaf, shares the key factors to Leaf’s success, including:

  • Searching for candidates with the right character rather than particular skills.
  • Focusing on internal training (and Leaf’s target ratio).
  • Committing to military recruiting.
  • Giving employees the flexibility, tools, and autonomy, they need to succeed.
  • Managing growth to retain quality of product, service, and culture.
  • Retaining culture and energy through company growth.

Then he digs into what you can do if your culture needs improvement—and what your first steps should be to get the momentum going.

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