When companies shift to remote work, they usually do it gradually, with a plan in place. But over the past few weeks, many companies have gone from little remote work to almost 100 percent remote.

Our guest this week is Stephan Dohrn, co-founder of Radical Inclusion. His company helps leaders manage their teams in remote environments. He’s here to offer advice for leaders who may be struggling with this sudden switch.

In this episode, you’ll discover what leaders and managers should know to keep teams motivated and productive. Like how to:

  • Create rituals,
  • Set expectations,
  • Establish protocols for communication,
  • Manage meetings,
  • Connect with team members,
  • Remain flexible and compassionate about life situations during this unique time, and
  • Understand how you can help and what resources your team needs.

Stephan then shares a new, pro-bono initiative of remote work experts prepared to help leaders learn to manage their suddenly remote teams.

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