AT&T’s low-band 5G coverage now includes 58 markets

AT&T has added 13 markets to its low-band 5G coverage map. Not to be confused with the 13 cities the operator announced on February 5th or the 13 on February 11th, these are a brand new 13, bringing the total number of AT&T’s 5G markets across the U.S to 58.

The new markets are: Chattooga County, Ga.; Hunterdon County, N.J.; Las Cruces, N.M.; Long Branch, N.J.; New Brunswick, N.J.; New Haven, Conn.; Ocean County, N.J.; Orange County, N.Y.; Portland, Ore.; Utica-Rome, N.Y.; Vallejo, Calif.; Whitfield County, Ga. and Wilmington, Del.

If you take a closer look at that list, it becomes clear that some of those additions aren’t even cities; they’re counties, suggesting that 5G coverage is approaching a new level of commercial accessibility. Counties, because they are typically less populated than city centers—and therefore, less of a priority—may represent the next phase of 5G coverage.

The operator is also continuing to push forward with its millimeter-wave-based “5G+” offering, which is now available in parts of 35 cities for customers with compatible plans and devices.

In addition to these consumer markets, AT&T recently celebrated the addition of new, purpose-built cell sites and 100+ other network enhancements for New Hampshire first responders. The new infrastructure, debuted last week, is part of the FirstNet network expansion, which aims to deliver increased coverage, capacity and capabilities for public safety. 

Specifically, the operator has launched four new cell sites, one each of the following locations: Pembroke, Stoddard, Rumney and North Hampton. The launch makes use of Band 14 spectrum, as well as AT&T commercial-only spectrum. Set aside by the government specifically for FirstNet, Band 14 is nationwide, high-quality spectrum that contributes to the growing public-safety wireless broadband network.

In New Hampshire, as per the recent announcement, AT&T currently has Band 14 deployed in more than 100 towns across the state, including Keene, Littleton, Manchester and Portsmouth.

In early December, AT&T reported that AT&T-FirstNet was serving more than a million connections, with more than 10,000 public safety agencies and organization subscribed to the service, and with the new site additions, we can assume that number has increased.



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