Culture, Diversity, and Workforce Development. They sound like corporate buzz-speak. And it’s true that some companies only pay them lip service. But for the workplaces that understand, embrace, and implement them, they form the foundation of a strong, stable, and successful company.

Jay Brown, CEO of Crown Castle, talks about how Crown’s focus on each of these have made it a coveted place to work and do business.

In this episode, Jay shares:

  • The three pillars of Crown’s culture—be real, be accountable, and be an owner—that set employees up to thrive and improve;
  • Why culture isn’t just a one-time implementation—it’s an on-going aspiration;
  • What to consider when merging cultures during an acquisition;
  • The way diversity of thought improves decision making;
  • How removing implicit bias in hiring makes Crown more diverse;
  • The challenges of fully sharing a culture with contract workers;
  • And how focusing on general skills and abilities during hiring rather than specific, trainable, job tasks helps bridge the talent shortage.

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