Saying “Okay to Boomers” instead of “Okay, Boomer”

Do you have a talent shortfall? Open spots that you just can’t fill?

The workforce shortage and its impact on the race to 5G is a regular discussion topic in the industry.

If you’re feeling the pain of too much work and not enough workers, maybe you’re missing (or dismissing) a large segment of the American workforce.

In the next few years, 35% of our workforce will be 50 or older. And 8% of them—about 13 million workers—will be 65 or older.

This week’s guest is Miranda Allen. She’s a nationally recognized expert on generational diversity. And she sits on the FCC’s BDAC Job Skills Working Group. She says companies hurt themselves by not engaging with this experienced workforce.

Listen and learn as Miranda…

  • Corrects the negative stereotypes of older workers with facts. For example, workers over 50 aren’t less productive. They have the highest level of engagement in their workforce. (And engagement increases productivity… and productivity increases your bottom line.)
  • Advises mature workers how to revise and tailor their resumes to get through automated recruiting filters. And she suggests what companies should look at in their screening processes if they can’t fill positions.
  • Discusses why companies need to include age in their Diversity Programs. Discrimination against workers over 40 doesn’t only hamper your profit potential, it’s illegal.

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