Join Signals Research Group (SRG) for a deep dive analysis of 5G network performance on a global basis (Asia, Europe and North America), including both millimeter wave and sub 6 GHz.

SRG will present detailed results that the consultancy collected in its benchmark studies of these networks and provide analysis and commentary that go well beyond presenting basic speed measurement reports.

SRG will show how 5G millimeter wave signals really behave, why it isn’t necessarily true that line-of-site is required, and how millimeter wave performance will become meaningfully better in the near future. Additionally, SRG will illustrate how LTE and 5G work together to maintain seamless connectivity and improve overall data speeds. Lastly, SRG will look at how 5G benefits the user experience, especially with congested LTE networks, and how 5G can actually be more energy efficient than LTE while delivering a full day of smartphone usage.

Michael Thelander, President & Founder, Signals Research Group

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