Glenn Lurie, President and CEO at Synchronoss Technologies just published an important piece about coping with and ultimately winning the battle with the coronavirus. It was published on LinkedIn. This will help his employees, customers and everyone. This is what CEO’s and leaders of every kind must do to calm the growing fear we are all dealing with.

Lurie’s piece helped put COVID-19, our frantic reaction to this escalating problem and the ultimate conclusion after it passes in perspective.

Glenn Lurie, President and CEO of Synchronoss, shares coronavirus advice

He discussed how different technologies to let us telecommute to stay healthy and reduce the curve of infection, so we don’t overwhelm the hospital system.

He knows what he is talking about because Synchronoss offers technologies that can help companies and users with telecommuting. And that is a key part of the solution.

I have been following the wireless and telecom industry for more than 30 years. What I have learned is there are many different types of companies. Those who have been actively using telecommuting strategies, technologies and practices have learned plenty over time. These companies will fare the best.

Companies and schools already telecommuting will fare best with COVID-19

At the other end of the spectrum are companies who have not even dipped their toes in the telecommuting water. They will struggle the most as they are forced to suddenly do business differently. They are suddenly thrust into a new country and they don’t speak the language.

Plus, there are many companies at different stages of implementing telecommuting solutions. As a matter of fact, many companies in many industries cannot send their workers home to work.

It’s not just companies and work that are impacted. Schools are all closing. So, looking ahead, we will have to re-think everything for us all to stay healthy.

In fact, every year the common flu kills tens of thousands of Americans. Every year! So, this crisis is with us and will only continue.

But, after this coronavirus crisis is over and as we all get back to normal, there will be many changes.

After coronavirus we must prepare for the next health crisis

As recovery takes hold, over time I see us eventually forgetting about the urgency we are all facing today. However, we must be prepared for the next crisis because there will always be a next crisis.

I see this COVID-19 crisis fueling an enormous change wave for companies, businesses, offices, schools and more to prepare for the next crisis with telecommuting programs they evolve into rather than being forced into.

That’s all coming. However, before we get there, we have to hunker down and get through this immediate health crisis. And we will. It will just take time. Stay healthy.

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