4G and 5G infrastructure company JMA announced plans to transform a section of downtown Syracuse, New York, into an advanced 5G manufacturing and edge development center, the company said in a release.

JMA said that the planned 5G campus will be the manufacturing site for what it claims to be the world’s first indoor 5G millimeter wave radio system.

The campus will span a city block and support several consumer- and business-facing demos along with high-tech manufacturing operations. The facility, previously Coyne Textiles, will require a $25 million investment. At least 100 new jobs will be opened across manufacturing, testing, and production support, JMA said.

“We strongly believe in the American entrepreneurial spirit and have confidence that U.S.-based engineering will make a difference in the race to 5G. We’re continuing investment in New York to set the pace for U.S.-driven 5G innovation, something we’ve been told too often must come from international providers,” said John Mezzalingua, JMA CEO.

JMA designs and builds in-building and outdoor mobile wireless systems for LTE, 5G, CBRS and LAA services on mobile operator networks. Over the last six years, the company says it has invested more than $100 million in the Syracuse area and employs over 500 people locally. JMA also operates development facilities in Chicago, Illinois; Dallas and Austin, Texas; and Richmond, Virginia. JMA is primarily U.S.-based for manufacturing and research and development, but operates in in more than 20 locations worldwide.

In addition to manufacturing 5G equipment locally, JMA’s 5G campus will showcase 5G use cases in an “integrated experience center.” The facility, JMA said, will utilize technology like private 5G and CBRS to power voice and data communications, as well as high levels of automation. JMA’s CUSP Edge Products will be heavily utilized across the campus, focusing on emerging use cases across vertical markets like sports and entertainment, retail, education, and healthcare, the company added.

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