In enterprise IT environments, the demand for cellular connections is soaring — not only smartphones, tablets, and PCs but also to retail operations, complex manufacturing environments, connected devices, sensors, and machines everywhere. The massive surge of IoT will further make cellular connectivity business-critical for enterprises.

For IT managers, finding efficient, cost-effective solutions to support the diverse wireless needs of their enterprises has become an ongoing challenge. 4G LTE which brought wireless to a lot of enterprise applications was a good starting point, but quickly falling short to meet the needs.

The quick emergence of 5G is providing a set of advanced capabilities the enterprise IT managers need to tackle their business challenges. 5G’s unprecedented speeds, very high capacity and extremely low latency will allow enterprises to not only mange their current needs but also enables completely new use cases such as fixed wireless AR/VR, mobile edge computing, mission-critical services and more.

Tune into this webinar to understand:
-Current state of 5G
-Risks of falling behind
-How to evolve your enterprise connectivity to 5G
-Security challenges are
-And why Inseego is your best companion in that journey

Kelly Hill, Managing Editor, RCR Wireless News
Glenn Longley, VP Product Management, Inseego

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