What does employee engagement really mean? Our guest this week, Rick Gallegos, CEO of Dale Carnegie Tampa Bay, describes it as “discretionary effort.” An engaged employee goes beyond the bare requirements of their job. Unfortunately for most companies, less than 1/3 of employees are engaged—that’s shockingly low!!!

Which means around 70% of employees are on the disengaged spectrum. The merely disengaged do just their job, nothing more. The actively disengaged spread their dissatisfaction throughout your company. This costs you productivity and profits.
Rick says the numbers are tough to move, but you CAN boost your employee engagement levels beyond the average of 30%.
Here are just a few things we talked about:
  • The 3 drivers of employee engagement (and the challenges leaders face implementing them);
  • The 4 mistakes companies make when trying to boost engagement;
  • The 1 simple thing leaders can start doing today;
  • Behaviors leaders can look for to see if employees are disengaging;
  • What employees can do if they feel disengagement creeping in;
  • How large and small companies need to look at engagement differently;
  • And the surprising age group that is typically the least engaged, and which can cost you the most.
If you want to improve your employee engagement to retain your talent and boost your bottom line, you’ll want to listen to this episode as soon as possible. And be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode!

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